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General Health Information by Veterinarians – Veterinary Partner

There is a lot of disinformation about pets on the Internet.  This website has information for pet owners that is written and reviewed by veterinarians.

Cattle Health and Management

A wealth of information on cattle prices, cattle management, and news.


Goat Health and Management

All about goats and their husbandry.

24 HOUR Emergency Hotline for Poison Control

Pet Poison Helpline

Information on many different types of toxins and poisons.

Giving Human OTC Meds – What’s Safe?

Not everything that’s safe for you is safe for your dog or cat.

Click HERE to read more!

USDA-APHIS Regulations for International Animal Travel

If you plan to travel to another country or ship animals overseas, there are many steps that need to be taken.  Click here to start the process:

Flying with Pets

Flying can be stressful for people and for pets.  The FAA has lots of useful information for those who wish to travel with their animals:

Traveling with Your Pet

With just a few preparations, you and your pet can travel safely and happily together.  The AVMA has detailed resources on traveling with your furry friends.

Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine

This site provides information about the TAMU CVM and associated hospitals.

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

This site provides information about GCVS and the services that they provide.

American Animal Hospital Association

This is a website provided by AAHA, the American Animal Hospital Association, that provides numerous resources for information concerning wellness for pets and frequently asked questions. As a bonus, they provide a coloring page for children.

American Heartworm Society

Providing information about heartworm disease

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Information on the causes, treatment, prognosis and home care for this disease.

Diabetes in Companion Animals

Information on the causes, treatment, prognosis and home care for this disease.

Feline Diabetes

Canine Diabetes

General Information

American Kennel Club

This site provides breed and registration information for dogs.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association

This site provides breed and registration information for cats.

Pet Memorials and Crematory Services

Our clinic works closely with Live Oak Pet Services in your time of sorrow.  They offer many choices for memorialization of your beloved pet.  To learn more visit their website:

Pet Bereavement

This site provides a wonderful support system for the loss of a dear friend.

Pet Bereavement: Dealing with the Death of a Pet

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Stones

Visit and share stories of a beloved pet.

Pet Insurance

How to choose pet insurance and whether it is right for you.